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Overview Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park is an area of ??Natural Resource Conservation, which means in the Baluran National Park are managing the utilization of natural resources wisely conducted, to ensure continuity of supply by maintaining and improving the quality and value diversity. The development objective of conservation of natural resources is seeking the establishment of conservation of natural resources and the balance of the ecosystem, so it can better support efforts to improve the welfare of society and the quality of human life.baluran1

The campaign can not be effective and achieve its full potential if there is no well-defined plan for implementation. For that car rental business in Surabaya set clear campaign objectives from the outset. Baluran National Park allows a business car rental in Surabaya planning stages of a structured campaign. Baluran National Park has the potential for a high biodiversity of flora, fauna and ecosystems, including the beauty of the natural scenery. Judging from the status of the area, Baluran National Park has three main functions: (1) the function of protection of life support systems, (2) Preserving the diversity of plants and animals, and (3) sustainable utilization of Natural Resources and their ecosystems, which can be utilized for the purpose of research, science, education, support cultivation, culture, recreation and tourism. Thus the purpose of the management of the National Park is to conserve sustainable utilization of Natural Resource Baluran and ecosystems in order to fulfill its functions (3P) optimally.
The main target is the management of the National Park Baluran sdah, the ecosystem and the region. The biggest benefit of Baluran National Park has two-way communication with customers car rental in Surabaya. This feedback will allow improved services in marketing efforts, product or service and car rental in Surabaya. It is important to measure, follow up, adapt and innovate, so the car rental business in Surabaya survive and thrive. The
high potential for biodiversity and beautiful natural scenery Baluran,  is an attraction for tourists, both foreign and domestic tourists to visit and enjoy. To meet customer expectations rental car in Surabaya main goal then engage customers and tourists into asset movement wheel car rental business in Surabaya and enhance tourism potential in East Java.

Baluran National Park as one of the conservation area in which has a variety of flora and fauna and the ecosystem has various benefits both tangible benefits (in use on a limited scale) as well as intangible benefits, in the form of products, environmental services, such as clean air and natural scenery. Both of these benefits are in the same space and time, thus a form of policy that is able to regulate the allocation of resources in relation to community needs by taking into account the carrying capacity of the environment and socio-economic aspects of the surrounding community.

Safety and comfort become the deciding factor in running natural potential in a region in East Java and Surabaya car rental industry. Opportunity to be a trigger to minimize both internal and external threats. it is an area with existing devices and car rental industry in Surabaya aligned ready to take chances and risks of the increasing number of tourists and business. Seeing the opportunities arising from the use of the security and prosperity of an area, the placement of the individual to be a priority as well as service to the businessman to inspire tourists to visit to see the natural potential Baluran National Park as well as improving access car rental business in Surabaya.

Baluran National Park has several objects and natural tourist attraction is quite diverse, consisting of a combination of a variety of landscapes ranging from mountains to ocean ecosystems, savanna, and the diversity of animals and plants. Some areas in the National Park Baluran frequented by tourists and the community for various purposes mainly utilized as a tourist destination among others: Japanese Cave, Bulk tears, old wells, Evergreen Forest, Bekol, Bama, Manting, Pier, Kramat, Kajang, Balanan , Lempuyang, Talpat, Kacip, Booths, Sejileh, Freshwater Bay, stacked stone, Pandean, and Temple Bang.

The tourists who visit the National Park Baluran include domestic and foreign tourists. Of the many sights in the National Park Baluran partially developed into tourism products, such as Japanese Cave, Bulk tears, Visitor Centre, Temple Bang, Semiang Savana, Savana Bekol, Bekol Evergreen Forest, Beach and Bama.

Typical large mammals in Yosemite National Baluran is banteng (Bos javanicus), wild buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), deer (Cervus timorensis), deer (Mutiacus muntjak), wild boar (Sus scrova), leopard (Panthera pardus), stone cat (Felis bengalensis), mangrove cat (Felis viverrina) and ajag (Cuon alpinus). As for the types of primates are long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) and monkey / monkey (Trachypithecus auratus cristatus). Of ± 155 species of birds in the National Park Baluran easy species to be found include green peacock (Pavo muticus), red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus), green jungle fowl (Gallus varius), kangkareng (Anthracoceros convexus) and hornbills ( Bucheros rhinoceros). Socio Economic and Cultural Society Baluran TN area bordering the two villages namely Wonorejo and Village Sumberanyar. Most of the people livelihood as farmers and farm laborers. Conditions were dry climate with a long dry season make agriculture in this area is not good. To support the population lives around the area often go into the forest to look for fruit acids, acacia seeds, pecans, yam, and dashed gebang rencek wood. Livelihood residents are fishermen, farmers, traders, civil servants and self-employed and others.

Accessibility to and from Baluran National Park can be said to be very smooth, is due to the cross-provincial highway connecting the island of Bali and Surabaya to Banyuwangi across Baluran National Park. Thus Baluran National Park can be reached by land vehicles from the city of Surabaya. It is also important to look at factors affecting indirect drivers of profit car rental in Surabaya. The driving factor of accessibility to and from Baluran National Park by car rental industry in Surabaya is the quality of the service, booking and info correct, ease of access, presence and active encouragement Baluran National Park in enhancing travelers with car rental industry in Surabaya as well as security and user convenience services and or tourists.

Natural attractions in the National Park Baluran has interesting places to visit for its natural beauty, diversity of flora and fauna found in them, and the uniqueness of the landscape constituent that is not owned by another National Park. Sights are partly been done including the development Bekol, Bama, Goa Japan and Bulk tears. Here’s a list Baluran National Park tourist attraction;

  1. Camping Ground – PRESTRESSED – location of the campground.
  2. Rainfall tears – PRESTRESSED – Rock climbing.
  3. Japanese Cave – PRESTRESSED – Peningggalan Japan, used to be a place of refuge, store weapons and food.
  4. Old wells – PRESTRESSED – Perhaps a legacy of Majapahit Kingdom.
  5. Evergreen Forest – PRESTRESSED – evergreen forest, flora and fauna observation, interpretation of available paths.
  6. Bekol – PRESTRESSED – Photography, natural panorama from the tower view, the attraction of wildlife in the savanna, inter
    interpretation of available paths available 3 pieces rest house (26 people).
  7. Bama – PRESTRESSED Photography, mangroves, observation of flora and fauna (including various species of birds and a herd of
    monkeys atarksi crab fishing with his tail), sunbathing on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, diving, boating, marine observations, along the beach, watch the sunrise , there is a line of interpretation, provided the guesthouse maximum capacity of 28 people.
  8. Manting – PRESTRESSED – freshwater source, supposedly efficacious as a youthful drug.
  9. Dock – PRESTRESSED – Fishing.
  10. Kramat, Kajang, Balanan, Lempuyang – PRESTRESSED wildlife attractions in the savanna.
  11. Talpat – PRESTRESSED -‘s water, wildlife attractions in the savanna.
  12. Kacip – PRESTRESSED – springs on the slopes of the mountain.
  13. Mount Baluran – PRESTRESSED-Sumberwaru – Climb the mountain
  14. Booth / Sijile – Sumberwaru – Swimming, snorkeling, diving, boating, marine life observation, watching the sunrise, photography.
  15. Freshwater bay – Sumberwaru – Sources of fresh water at the seaside, coastal forests, photography.
  16. Watu stacked – Sumberwaru – Panorama nature of heights, animal attractions, photography.
  17. Pandean – PRESTRESSED – Port fishermen, search nener
  18. Temple Bang – PRESTRESSED – old tomb, panoramic beaches, photography.


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